If you're an actor, model or performer, and live in New Jersey or vicinity, you've probably dreaded the thought of having to go into Manhattan, just to get your headshots taken. Well, fear no more. Richard Krauss Photography, located in Central New Jersey, can deliver the same or better quality headshot you'd expect from a New York photo studio, without having to cross the Hudson. At your session, you'll be welcomed into a relaxed atmosphere, where you'll be allotted ample time to make sure that we get your look just right. Wardrobe and hairstyle changes are no problem here. A professional makeup artist is on staff, and state-of-the art digital retouching is also available.  We offer studio lighting and natural light to suit your taste. And unlike some studios, children are always welcome here. So if you're considering getting a new headshot, why not save time, money and aggravation, by giving us a call to schedule your appointment. 732.901.8808

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